Friday, 25 December 2009


Christmas is finally here. Our church had this lucky pot game, which most of the people who joined will get prizes. I don't know if we're getting the prizes, because my mom is the one that's going to bring the prizes. My dad promised me and my sister to buy us a Christmas presents soon or later. I told dad that I want to buy the new PowerDirector 8. Brand new movie editor, way better than Pinnicle, if that's how you spell it. I think editing videos are fun. Thanks to Mr. Hughes. Sorry to tell , but I have nothing to talk to so BYE!!!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Journal Writing #2

Today is Tobin's birthday and tommorow is Amalia's birthday. So they brought some treats for us to celebrate. Amalia brought home-made brownies and Tobin brought candy cane and a very ,yummy christmas cupcakes. I'm so glad that Nickolas is not eating his canday cane, I'm going to have 2 candy canes. Oh yah, I got 2 glow-stick from Amalia too. Today, our class went to Mr. Mckibben's back door and signed up for our movie day. Kayleigh and I picked Napoleon Dynamite. I was the 3rd last to pick that. Many people wanted it, but it was full. I'm glad that I got that one. I'm sick today. My mom and I discussed about going to school, this morning, but I went to school. VPA showcase is coming up~

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Vocab pictures









Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Journal Entry #1

This week, I was struggling about my blog template. It was so hard to find a proper website that has blogger templates. Then when Amalia and I had Visual Exploration, we figured out that Ms. Bammi's blogger template was not from Blogger, it was from Pyzam. So we stayed afterschool in the library to work it out, but guess what? Amalia's worked and mine, nothing, JUST FILLED WITH WORDS. I got so mad at myself that I can't do it and she can. Maybe, I did something wrong, that I wasn't suppose to click. Maybe I COULD ASK AMAILIA! I'm so smart! I should ask her what she did to change the template to other blogger template. I'm so confused. What did I do wrong? Wish Fairy God Mother would be true and change me to a technology geek, so my laptop, softwares and blogs are perfect from the perfects. See you next week, journal

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Vocab pictures






Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Questions pg.229

1. List the main reasons for water scarce
a) Varations in climate
b) Land Degradation
c) Population Growth
d) Water Polution

2. What is a drought? What type of harships do you think that a drought could cause if you were living in a village in a poor country such as Ethiopia?
Drought is a period of dry weather that dries the land and ruins the crop, which will make people in poor countries starve.

3. How does land degradation affect the supply of fresh water?
If land degradation is happening, the water falling down to earth will run-off instead of letting it filtrate, also when it run-off a big amount of water, there will be flash flood.

4. (a) What is El Nino?
El Nino is a warm ocean current of variable intensity that develops after late December along the coast of Ecuador and Peru and sometimes causes catastrophic weather conditions.

(b) Why does El Nino often cause drought in Australia?
El Nino often cause drought in Australia, because the reverse of air pressure across the Pacific is resulted in high pressure systems building up over most of Australia.

5. Observe the map showing the global effects of El Nino is 1982-83.

(a) What effects does El Nino have on the availability if fresh water?
El Nino limits the fresh water.
(b) Name the countries and describe the problems that arose from decreased rainfall caused by El Nino.
Australia, Peru, US, Indonesia, Africa, China, Papua New Guinea, Philipines

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Questions & Answers

1. What percentage of the world's supply of water is fresh water?
The percentage of the world's supply of freshwater is 2.5%.

2. Where is the world's supply of fresh water found?
2% is found in ice, 0.49% is found in groundwater or soil and 0.01% is found in the atmosphere, rivers and lakes.

3. Even thoough the supply of fresh water is abundant it is still a problem. Why?
Because of run-off and discharging is happening, there isn't much fresh water left.

4. Observe the map of world average annual precipitation (opposite).
a) Describe the changes in rainfall that occur as you move from the southern to the northern tip of Africa.
More rain will come recently than the sounthern tip.
b) Describe the changes in rainfall that occur as you move from the western to the eastern tip of Australia along the Tropic of Capricorn.
Rain will actually come often in eastern tip, not like the place in western tip of Australia.

5. Observe the map above of water availability per person.
a) Which parts of the world appear to have a large amount of water available per person?
I think the northern side of the map, which is top of asia, top of North America and Canada has the most amount of water available per person.
b) Which parts of the world appear to have a small amount of water per person?
Africa and Europe has the smallest amount of water per person in the map.

6. Observe the diagram of water use.
a) What are the main uses of water?
The main uses of water are Agricultural, Industrial, Community and lastly of all Reservoir.
b) Which uses have increased the most over the last century?
Reservoir has increased the most.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Bintaro Lama Field Trip

Bintaro Lama was our class's excitement during the week. We were all jumping up and down with joyness and excitement. When the clock, ticked to 9, all of us were dashing to the buses. Kayleigh and I was in Mr. Mckibben's bus. During the way to the place. Ben, Mr.Mckibben and us, 4 girls talked and laughed. Mr.Mckibben was so good at telling scary stories, we were knocked down with horror. One of the stories was the freaky moving mouth elmo doll. If you don't want nightmares, do not listen to Mr. Mckibben telling creepy stories. When we arrived, we were so scared that Alona, Elise, Kayleigh and I were shouting "ELMO BITES!!!". If you were there, you will know what happened next.

Our group started off with station 1, which I think is the most important process in there, kampung village. This station was to get the water from the aquifer below and infiltrate with rocks and sand. This process provides water to do other process, which makes the water potable. Water, which finished infiltrate will used to wash dishes and shower.

Next, we went to station 3. Station 3 will maybe important for recycling. This process use plastic bottles to fill the water from the last process and then let it look at the sun for 6 hours. If the weather is not sunny, it takes a longer time to make it potable.

After that we went to the final station, which is station6. There we learned how to measure with PH and graduated cylinder. With the graduated cylinder, we checked if we could see the x or a + in the bottom of the cylinder after the water had been poured. If you could, that means you could drink it, but to make it accurate, it will be better if we use the machine which measures PH. If it isn't clear, that means it could be used as washing dishes and etc.

After finishing 3 station, All the groups were together and sang-along the wash-your-hand song. Unfortunately, there was a lot of flies, but how the villagers treated us, was just so nice. I guess Field trips are always fun if we're together.

Bintaro Lama Project

All about Station 1, 3, and 6. Well, also the extra sing-along counts too.

Poem Practice

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Field Trip to Water Treatment Plant

After the field trip to Bintaro Lama, this time we went to the Water Treatment Plant with our math and science teacher, Ms.Marrello. We jumped into the bus in7.30. All of our class was so excited, that we all sang the most popular songs during the way. I guess it took about an hour to reach there. Next to the Treatment Plant was a river covered with muddy colour. It was so dirty, that everyone said oh's and ew's. When the bus stopped and all of us dropped down, we got a guide and went to the first station.

The first station was 'Garbage Removal through Course&Fine Filters'. The first step of this station is to get the big garbages out from the river with the Course Filter by putting the picker deep inside, grab the garbages and pull it up to the trash can. The final step is to get the small garbages out from the river, which was taken out from the Course Filter. This station is one of the steps that removes the main garbages from the murky river.

The second station was 'Add in chemicals and stir to make floc'. They first add chemicals and stir it like the station says. After they stirred enough, there you could see all garbages sticking together with small bubbles and slimes, that bubbles and slimes are called floc. Floc is important to make the garbages stick together, making it heavier for the next station.

The third station was 'Allow sediment and floc to settle at the bottom'. Making the garbages heavier wasn't a waste of time. It actually made sediment and floc to settle at the bottom way quicker. This station is usually green and 8m deep.

The fourth station was 'Water is filtered through 1m of sand'. This station uses a special sand which also has to be the same size. Because the condition is so bad in Jakarta, they have to change the sand each hour.

The fifth station will be 'Chemical disinfected are added'. They put Chlorine to kill the bacterias, living in the river. This station will disadvantage to get sick by drinking the water.

The final station was 'Testing is done to make sure water is clean and safe'. ScientistS check if the water is potable by putting colored chemicals inside the sample water.
The trip was fun, but the day was hot, so was quite tiring too.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Water Cycle

CONDENSATION INFILTRATION Warm moist air sticks This graphic shows that rain or
on the cold glass and snow from the sky drops fresh water, but
makes Condensation. trapped underwater.


Hot air from the sun pulls This graphic shows different kinds of
the moist from plants or Precipitation
water which this cycle is called
in another word is Evaporation.

Monday, 26 October 2009

New Guitar Song

"Jane! Julia! Come out of your room and sit in the couch with me”, Dad shouted from the living room. My sister and I came out and stared at our dad.
“What is the problem dad? I was doing my homework. There’s a pile of it, you know!” my sister told my dad and me, with her eyes rolling. Our dad gave us a big breathe and told us to have a simple break with music.
This time I shouted, “That again! I told you, music and your guitar is no fun.”
He gave us another big breathe and started his story.
“Do you know how I got to marry your mom, the most attractive lady I have ever seen?” We shook our heads.
“Your mother and I met in a meeting, we have together, representing different office blocks. We became very close to each other in a short amount of time. When we were old enough to marry, I called your mom to come to the river, near her office building. When she came, where I was, I played my favorite song, Romance, with my guitar. When the song finished I asked your mom to marry me. And she said yes! The song begins like this!”
Then he played the song so wonderfully. It made me want to start learning guitar.
“Dad! Dad! I want to learn” , I begged my dad.
He looked at me for a long time and nodded. After most of the lesson finished, I practiced and practiced again. Soon, I called my family. I took out the guitar and got my hands ready. Sweat went through me. All eyes were on me. I took one big breathe and started playing. When I finished, there were silence for a long time.
“Bravo!” , My family shouted with a lot of applause.

The Burning Interview

Kayleigh and Elise helped my video. Elise got the part of Julia Fear, who died by her sister, Hannah Fear's kill. Kayleigh has the part of the camera girl.

Friday, 23 October 2009

In Kayleigh's house

In the video:

Kayleigh Baker ;Mrs Baker; Jane Lee; Samantha Baker; Chloe ( Kayleigh's dog)

The main ones Kayleigh's family

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Definitions of the new words

Rowdies- People, whose does intolerable stuff, but not nefarious.
Resurrected- Brought back to live; fixed or repaired
Pledge- It's a promise, but stronger and bigger.
Brazier- A metal pan for holding burning coals or charcoal.
Putrefy- Rotten; have a fetid smell
Spontaneous- Taking action without planning or thinking.
Discreetly- Action without making a big deal about it.
Martyred- Sacrifice for religion
Preposterous- Out of boundries; Totally out there
Scouring- Searching; Finding every detail or bit.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

New Word Sentences

  1. The fetid smell of my dad's fart had stung my nose.
  2. My homework got corrugated, because it got stamped by everyone, who passed by my bag.
  3. I saw a picture of a young tourist trapped in a desolated forest.
  4. The biologist opened the vial and put a flu bacteria.
  5. The fruit squash, that I got it from the mall was frothing.
  6. Dr. Mad is a nefarious mad scientist.
  7. My mom and I brought some frivolous stuff from our vacation holidays.
  8. This girl is very conceited.
  9. Playing with other person's stuff without asking is intolerable.
  10. My sister and I were gagging when we were told that we ate a rabbit's poo.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

I am Me sentences

1) You and I will have fun in the trip.

2) The fetid smell was made by me and my dad's ruined cake.

3) Kayleigh and I went to the mall to buy Zoe's birthday present.

4) Smile faded from me and Tiffany's face.

5) My sister and I were playing pillow fight when our maid told us that our parents went to sleep.

6) The aliens are chasing me and Elise, trying to get the rock necklace back.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

FEAR STREET SAGAS #1 A New Fear by: R.L Stine

This book is about a family who got cursed by its own last name, Fear. A family who has only 3 people alive from the whole familytree! The three people is one family. Daniel Fear, Nora Fear, who was actually a Goode, Nicholas Fear who was in Nora's stomach, still growing to be born. After the mansion broke down by a huge fire accident, Nora was sent to the insane hospital, with no special reason. That time, Nora's baby Nicholas was already born. The doctors tried to get the baby and kill him with a deal of a big amount of money, but Nora escapes with a sudden apear of her husband Daniel Fear, all she could think was to get away from this street for her baby. She didn't want Nicholas to get the Fear curse too. They all had a new life in a different place. When Nicholas became a gentleman his mom died and met a rich girl name Ruth, who knows the truth of how to control the evil he has. Ruth forced Nicholas to marry. How will it feel like to be a fear, to be nearer from the evil curse.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Bluish ( the novel) by: Virginia Hamilton

This book is about a new girl in school. Not a ordinary new girl, but a sick girl who has no hair and a really pale skin. She is Natalie but everyone calls her Bluish. Now as a new girl of this town, she finds a new life with her best friend Drenny. Drenny helps Bluish get out of her mother's strict rules and let her out free with her light-hearted. The author is gave me a message that Natalie is not same as other kids in her school, but atleast she is a same kid that has the same heart of a kid should have. This novel is about Bluish's life in school with her friends in school and all the people in her new town.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Characterization of Zee, in Shadow Thieves By: Anne Ursu

Anne Ursu built Zachary Miller first in the first book, The Shadow Thieves. She did a awesome job telling the reader about Zee, his likes, his main problem, the one he doesn't like and his important people that saved his lives a lot of time.

In the introduction of chapter 2, when Zee was telling everything about the Footmen that follows Zee, Anne Ursu makes his last word, "I need to save the children, they will die!" And tells us about his main problem

In chapter 8, Anne Ursu makes Zee thinks 'I don't want anyone to lead their lives to death again, because of me'. When Charlotte, his cousin gets caught by the Footmen and try to take her shadows. Which gives us an idea of who he cares about and who is his important people.

In page 230, Almost the end of the book, the author tells about what he doesn't like. when Zee screams " Stop calling me Zero!" to Philonercron. It also tells us that who he doesn't like (enemy)
and what he doesn't like to be called on.

Zee is a imaginative 13 years old boy. A boy who turned from a ordinary soccer fan to a hero of the world.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Shadow Thieves by. Anne Ursu

The Shadow Thieves is a book about Charlotte and Zee saving the kids from the shadow thieves and the evil greek myths. Shadow thieves was getting childrens' shadows and get them to goto wars. If their shadows die the owner of the shadow, ( which is the children) will die too. Charlotte and Zee stopped the evil Philonecron kill Hades and once he saved Mr. Metos, ( human savor) and also the children of his country. Then they went home with shadows going back to their real owner. I think this is a great book for the ones who likes ancient legend.


Thursday, 3 September 2009

Jakarta earthquake in September 2, 2009

South of the Jakarta had shook with a 7.3 earthquake. Apartment shook and buses moved diagonally and couldn't do its job very well. Some of the western countries thought this was obvious and they believed that Indonesia will soon have another disaster. They thought it was the natural disaster, because this country is on the ring of fire which goes round and round and erupt the volcano and earthquake. Many people says Jakarta will have a different or the same disaster before Christmas. As you see in the photo Ind0nesia is covered with the ring of fire. That makes the volcano and earthquake be a natural disaster in Indonesia. Fortunately, in Jakarta there wasn't any landslides, they didn't really have hills or mountains like Bandung or Puncak.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Robert C. O'brien ( his interesting life story)

Rober C. O'brien is my favorite author now. Which I like it the most from his books is Silver Crown. He has a world wide books and also a interesting story too. In the 1950s he bought a small farm near the Potomac Rive ( and used the farm as the setting for his book A Report From Group 17). However, in the 1960s he developed glaucoma and could no longer drive after dark. In 1963, he was forced to move back to the city. Now living within minutes of his job, he had time to begin to write fiction books for young adults, but he used a couldn't spend time that long, because National Geographic didn't approve of their staff writing outside work. His novel Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH won the Newberry Medal. Then unfortunately, he died with a heart attack in Washington.

Used information from

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Pendragon series: The merchant of death *****

Pendragon series are by a best- seller author, D. J Machale. In that series, I finished the book 1, The Merchant of Death. It is about a boy name Bobby and his Uncle Press's adventure story. Later on Bobby knows that he is a traveler, which he has to go to different world and save them without getting distracted by the evil traveler, Saint Dane. So in the first mission. They're going to the place called Denduron and help the Millagos ( villagers in that world ) to get out of the treatments they get from the Bedoowan ( knights or royal families ). In this story Bobby gets his help from his friend in earth called Mark and Courtney. The Interesting stuff that I'm still curious about is that Uncle Press doesn't want him to use stuff from earth as tools. I gave this book a 5 stars, because it has a new style of reading and also it doesn't make your eyes blink when you're reading by its funny vocabulary and different characteristics

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Taiwan Typhoon Morokat

Taiwan Typhoon Morokat was 2 and a 1/2 meters high. As big as the typhoon, Taiwan had a big disaster that they wouldn't think of again. Houses were flowing with the water, and people got buried and got missing by mudslides. This disaster on here gave us a perfect lesson for Social Studies, because it tell us how typhoon made the natural disaster, like what i said before, mud slide. They say the heavy rain soaked into the rocks of the mountain and when the rocks slide down, it makes mud slide. One interesting news about Typhoon Morokat is that Indonesia never gets Typhoon, because it's very near to my equator.