Tuesday, 29 September 2009

I am Me sentences

1) You and I will have fun in the trip.

2) The fetid smell was made by me and my dad's ruined cake.

3) Kayleigh and I went to the mall to buy Zoe's birthday present.

4) Smile faded from me and Tiffany's face.

5) My sister and I were playing pillow fight when our maid told us that our parents went to sleep.

6) The aliens are chasing me and Elise, trying to get the rock necklace back.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

FEAR STREET SAGAS #1 A New Fear by: R.L Stine

This book is about a family who got cursed by its own last name, Fear. A family who has only 3 people alive from the whole familytree! The three people is one family. Daniel Fear, Nora Fear, who was actually a Goode, Nicholas Fear who was in Nora's stomach, still growing to be born. After the mansion broke down by a huge fire accident, Nora was sent to the insane hospital, with no special reason. That time, Nora's baby Nicholas was already born. The doctors tried to get the baby and kill him with a deal of a big amount of money, but Nora escapes with a sudden apear of her husband Daniel Fear, all she could think was to get away from this street for her baby. She didn't want Nicholas to get the Fear curse too. They all had a new life in a different place. When Nicholas became a gentleman his mom died and met a rich girl name Ruth, who knows the truth of how to control the evil he has. Ruth forced Nicholas to marry. How will it feel like to be a fear, to be nearer from the evil curse.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Bluish ( the novel) by: Virginia Hamilton

This book is about a new girl in school. Not a ordinary new girl, but a sick girl who has no hair and a really pale skin. She is Natalie but everyone calls her Bluish. Now as a new girl of this town, she finds a new life with her best friend Drenny. Drenny helps Bluish get out of her mother's strict rules and let her out free with her light-hearted. The author is gave me a message that Natalie is not same as other kids in her school, but atleast she is a same kid that has the same heart of a kid should have. This novel is about Bluish's life in school with her friends in school and all the people in her new town.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Characterization of Zee, in Shadow Thieves By: Anne Ursu

Anne Ursu built Zachary Miller first in the first book, The Shadow Thieves. She did a awesome job telling the reader about Zee, his likes, his main problem, the one he doesn't like and his important people that saved his lives a lot of time.

In the introduction of chapter 2, when Zee was telling everything about the Footmen that follows Zee, Anne Ursu makes his last word, "I need to save the children, they will die!" And tells us about his main problem

In chapter 8, Anne Ursu makes Zee thinks 'I don't want anyone to lead their lives to death again, because of me'. When Charlotte, his cousin gets caught by the Footmen and try to take her shadows. Which gives us an idea of who he cares about and who is his important people.

In page 230, Almost the end of the book, the author tells about what he doesn't like. when Zee screams " Stop calling me Zero!" to Philonercron. It also tells us that who he doesn't like (enemy)
and what he doesn't like to be called on.

Zee is a imaginative 13 years old boy. A boy who turned from a ordinary soccer fan to a hero of the world.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Shadow Thieves by. Anne Ursu

The Shadow Thieves is a book about Charlotte and Zee saving the kids from the shadow thieves and the evil greek myths. Shadow thieves was getting childrens' shadows and get them to goto wars. If their shadows die the owner of the shadow, ( which is the children) will die too. Charlotte and Zee stopped the evil Philonecron kill Hades and once he saved Mr. Metos, ( human savor) and also the children of his country. Then they went home with shadows going back to their real owner. I think this is a great book for the ones who likes ancient legend.


Thursday, 3 September 2009

Jakarta earthquake in September 2, 2009

South of the Jakarta had shook with a 7.3 earthquake. Apartment shook and buses moved diagonally and couldn't do its job very well. Some of the western countries thought this was obvious and they believed that Indonesia will soon have another disaster. They thought it was the natural disaster, because this country is on the ring of fire which goes round and round and erupt the volcano and earthquake. Many people says Jakarta will have a different or the same disaster before Christmas. As you see in the photo Ind0nesia is covered with the ring of fire. That makes the volcano and earthquake be a natural disaster in Indonesia. Fortunately, in Jakarta there wasn't any landslides, they didn't really have hills or mountains like Bandung or Puncak.