Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Journal Entry #9

ESP next week! I'm so excited! 2 days before ESP is Kayleigh's birthday party and FFF, Family Fun Fair. Yeah! I'm so happy! I guess April is the most amazing month in a year. Also, we're doing this super awesome project in Health for Tobacco and Alcohol. I'm doing with 5 other people. Which I'm not going to tell you their names. We were suppose to do maximum 5 each group, but Ms. Clark was so nice that she let us do 6 people. We're going to do a story commercial to stop smoking. So now, I'm going to tell you the story line we made. Do not copy right this idea. 1. 2 girl friends are looking at the magazines in the balcony. Friend 1 smokes, friend 2 doesn't. Friend 3 comes in and talks about the latest news, smoking. Friend 3 notices that Friend 1 is not smoking. So he hands her a smoke. Friend 1 gets peer-pressured so she tries one, promising herself not to try it again, but she does it again and again. Friend 2 and 3 leaves. She throws the cigarette away. That leads to Story 2. Gangster 1 get the cigarette and starts smoking. Gangster 2 doesn't smoke. Who dies first. Gangster 2 dies and then gangster 1 dies. then DO YOU WANT YOUR SCHOOL MASKOT TO BE LIKE THIS. Maskot dies.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Psych Analysis

Psych has crime. The crime in this episode was an accidental murder of the rich son. The solver of the mystery was the police officers and 2 psych detectives. The one who murdered the son was his father. The Alibis of the father was his family relationship with his son. The Victim was the son and red herring was the bag that his daughter giving it to the uncle. There was no witnesses. The clue was the dog bite on the father's arm. The investigation was searching through the trash cans, looking at pictures in the house.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Jane's myster idea

Victim: Natasha, Sana, Hina, Mazy

Villain: Kamy

Solver: Private inspector Gon

Crime: Natasha, Sana, Hina and Mazy's stuff getting stolen.

Excuse: Kamy is a very innocent girl, straight A's and teacher's pet.

Witnesses: The Jaguar in school.

Evidence: Kamy's messege to her mother.

Clue: Kamy talks an unfact what she did on the weekends.

Monday, 12 April 2010

6 pictures of what mystery needs

Every myster needs a bad guy. This picture shows us that Jack the ripper is the murderer trying to kill the man with glasses on.

Mystery also needs Victim. This girl is getting shot by anonymous.

Solver is one the most main character in mystery. This guy is trying to find evidence.

This is the evidence from the crime scene. Hand prints will lead the solver to the crime- starter.

This is a crime.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Monk and the voodoo curse

We've been watching monk for a couple of days and I'm going to analyse this show. First, The crime was a murder of Robert Boyd. Second, the solver of the mystery is Monk, 2 police officers and Natalie.Third, the bad guy is Angeline. The victim was ofcourse Robert Boyd. There were no witnesses, but several clues like the horse shoe which was upside down in Robert's house. Excuses for Angeline was their family relationship. There was suspect which was the Voodoo doll shop keeper. Several evidence were that Angeline bought 6 voodoo dolls from the shop when 6 people received the dolls. And that Angeline was a paramedic so she knows which drug to use to look like her uncle died from a heart attack. The surprice ending was that everybody thought that the murderer was the shop-keeper, but it was the innocent fake-victim Angeline