Wednesday, 27 January 2010

JANE walks on the road ( record)

When I was 7 years old, after my school was over, my mom came and took me to the entrance and told me we had to walk home. I was pretty shocked, because my house was not this street, but a complex, more than 30km further apart. Then she took me and walked to the Bumimas apartment, which is just a few blocks away. Bought me some Pocari Sweat and Ritz. Then she took my bag and we walked again. Car were flying all over. Beggars musics were playing in a loud sound. The smock from the vehicles were stinging my nose. I covered my nose, started to eat the Ritz, but my mom didn't let me. "WHY?" I asked, she told me " Save it for the long journey". Long Journey? I caught up with her and moved toward to Sate Tomang Restaurant. Went straight, entering another street called Antasari. We went passed our church, 2 aparments and one of the cafe that my sister's friend's parent owns. Finally, the tol, the tol cashiers were all staring at us, but we ignored and headed to our way. About 5km, we rested on the side to rest, drank a big bottle of Pocari Sweat, each person a sip. Went about 20km more, ate some Ritz and we were out of the road, we we're exhausting so we caught a bajaj and headed straight to the

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Why is Haiti so poor?

1. Colombus and the Europeans came to Haiti, bringing disease, death and misery.

2. Outside forces have stopped Haiti from advancing. After wining their independence with France, Haiti thought it was free, but it has never been a smooth ride for them. They had a civil war between groups of slave owners but the world never helped. The French lost their wealthiest colony at the time after the war. The French and the Americans are holding a grudge the island for their loss and will not help the country.

3. Not long after exploiting the land for sugar cane production the Spanish found larger population in Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia with richer soils and silver mines. They turned their attention to those places.

4. Columbus first set foot on the heavily forested island of Hispaniola, the mountainous nation has shed both topsoil and blood—first to the Spanish, who planted sugar, then to the French, who cut down the forests to make room for lucrative coffee, indigo, and tobacco.

5. French pirates and French traders gradually took over the western 1/3 of the island (Haiti). The French escalated the slave trade so that by 1785 there were 700,000 slaves in what would become Haiti, and only 30,000 slaves in what would become Dominican Republic. The French eventually dominated the whole island.

6. Out of Haiti’s 22 presidents from 1843 to 1915, 21 were assassinated or driven out of office. Presidents governed in order to enrich themselves and their followers. In 1957 Papa Doc Duvalier became the most notorious dictator of Haiti, terrorizing his people with secret police, torture, and killings. He or his son “Baby Doc” controlled the government until 1986.

7. With ongoing exploration and settlement the Native Indian population was decimated. Inferior weapons and ability to fight off new germs like smallpox reduced the population to 3000 natives. These original landowners had little chance other than to die out or be assimilated into the new population. The island was repopulated with African slaves who were imported to provide cheap labor to harvest sugar cane.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

10 vocabulary sentences

1. The man is a cop that chases fugitives.
2. Stop antagonizing your sister!
3. You're making splotches on my shirt by shooting paintballs at me.
4. Carcass usually happens on a village side, where there is a lot of animals.
5. There is your Christmas parcel under the tree, over there.
6. The instruction of this cellphone is really extensive.
7. That Edward shirt is so eccentric.
8. Haiti has such a pitiful scene.
9. Drawing is my realm.
10. Our basketball team is the dominant team of the international basketball tournament.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Journal Entry #4

Again, a slow computer, way behind the class. So this is the story, I brought a USB, which had my grandmother's information, everyone else had printed, so I had to go to P1 lab, get stuff printed, One computer had word 2003, so I couldn't open the file, One laptop was too slow, when I printed, and ran back to class, THE END. Everyone finished. What a day!

I got a PowerDirector 8.0 from my dad, I downloaded some interesting effects from the DirectorZone, a website especially for Cyberlink Video maker programs. Yesterday, I finished the movie for Personal History project, except the recordings. I don't know how I am going to do that. I have a recorder, but I don't thing I have a line to connect it to the computer.

Blue day again, have Health and Mandarin for electives. See you later

Monday, 18 January 2010


Old man, young ladies, children, every Haitians in Haiti got hurt during the earthquake. Land destruction also happened when the ground cracked. The high ground in the photo is dried and hard. People has no shelter, they just use the ground to sleep in and rest on. If you see the green jumper jacket man, he is fighting over the basic supplies that the UN volunteers are sharing. There were many injured and starved people, like this old man. In Haiti, there is this Influenza going on, so many people calls SOS, by writing big letter on the ground or sand.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Haiti Earthquake

People had lost their homes and now they have no where to go and no where to start a brand-new life.

People has lost their things and like this old lady in this photo, people became poor and starving.

The 7.0 earthquake was so strong that crashed the Haiti government palace. The earthquake killed people or injured thousands of Haitian.

The capital city of Haiti has trash all over the road like this photo, and people are scouring the area to find food or things that are eatable or usable.

Things are getting worse in Haiti. Even though, there is no disaster, Haiti was still poor and hopeless, but with this earthquake disaster, America and other places around the world started to get interest on Haiti and started to help and rescue survivers.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Journal Entry #3

Finally, Journal day. The December break was quite exhausting. Everyday, I went somewhere or had to do something. The Things that were really special were the camp and the trip to Bandung. The camp was actually for Christians. The camp is called Youth Kosta. For young-adults. Learned about having your own vision and how to solve a problem that most young-adults have. It was 3 days camp and to tell you personally it was fun, but exasuting. After that, we watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2, then the next day, we watched Avatar 3D, on the following day we watched Sherlock Holmes. The favorite movie I watched this break was Sherlock Holmes. It's about a inspector/ detective called Sherlock Holmes trying to solve a case about Blackwood's black magic. The favorite part that I had enjoyed was when Sherlock Holmes practiced the hanging and figured out how Blackwood survived in the execution. Well Sherlock Holmes used thousands of belts covering his chest and his belly/ stomach. Blackwood was a genius professor that made people believe that his little trick was his black magic. If you want to know about the Bandung trip, please look on the last post.

Monday, 11 January 2010

For the Taipei American School ( What I did on vacation)


From the cold land, Korea (-25) grandma and uncle's family arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia. They were wearing a really big coat or a fat- looking jumper. Our family welcomed them and lead them to our house with a car. They wondered around first when they arrived, but then followed us through the elevator to my house. The visitors put down their stuff and talked about how they lived, what is happening in Korea and Indonesia, but we all couldn't talk much, sleepiness came and everyone slept at each other's places. That's how the first day ended.

As 2 weeks has past, our dad decided to go to somewhere that has fresh air and cold breeze and our family recommended Bandung, I was the only one that said Puncak. Well, if you didn't know Bandung and Puncak both has mountains or are mountains, nearly the same, except the spa and resort in Bandung, and that's why I had to go to Bandung. We packed our stuff and were ready to go the following day.

All 8 of us went down to the lobby. Dad drove the car and we tried to fit in the c-rv car, but we couldn't. Imagine, 5 people in the back seat, supposed to be for 3 people, 1 in the trunk, where you put things, 1 on the driver seat and 1 on the front seat. Unfortunately my car was big, but didn't have a middle seat, instead the trunk was bigger than it was supposed to be. My grandma had to sit on a CD box, My sister and I had to sit on our mom and auntie's lap. We all had to go on with this position for 4 hours. Then rest and again go on for 1 hour and a half with the same position. Our body ached, especially the women who were in the back seat, including me!

When we arrived in the Bandung spa resort, when we dropped down of the car, people started staring at us, like saying 'huh? haha'. It was not funny, I was expecting someone to cheer me up especially in this mood, but the workers stared at me and the others too, thought like it was some kind of joke except it is live. Our resort was 2 resort in 1. It was a family place or called as family suite. We unpacked our stuff and quickly went to bathroom before the others had gone before. I was the first one. After the racing, we had some rest on our beds.

After some sleeps, we changed into our swimming gear and then headed to the spa with our towel covering us. The spa was steaming, but I had to go in. My dad pushed me in. The spa was big, A swimming pool in another word, except that the water is hot and they put something in so tastes salty. "Burning the bad skins are good, but too long is bad." That's what I told mom for an excuse to go back home early. She gave me the key and told me I could go back with grandma. So I headed back and unlocked the door. Straight away, we showered and waited for the others. When everybody were ready, we played Korean traditional game called 윷놀이. Fun, but exhausting. So all of us went to bed and had a deep rest.

The next day, we went home and rest again.

-The End-