Monday, 24 August 2009

Robert C. O'brien ( his interesting life story)

Rober C. O'brien is my favorite author now. Which I like it the most from his books is Silver Crown. He has a world wide books and also a interesting story too. In the 1950s he bought a small farm near the Potomac Rive ( and used the farm as the setting for his book A Report From Group 17). However, in the 1960s he developed glaucoma and could no longer drive after dark. In 1963, he was forced to move back to the city. Now living within minutes of his job, he had time to begin to write fiction books for young adults, but he used a couldn't spend time that long, because National Geographic didn't approve of their staff writing outside work. His novel Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH won the Newberry Medal. Then unfortunately, he died with a heart attack in Washington.

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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Pendragon series: The merchant of death *****

Pendragon series are by a best- seller author, D. J Machale. In that series, I finished the book 1, The Merchant of Death. It is about a boy name Bobby and his Uncle Press's adventure story. Later on Bobby knows that he is a traveler, which he has to go to different world and save them without getting distracted by the evil traveler, Saint Dane. So in the first mission. They're going to the place called Denduron and help the Millagos ( villagers in that world ) to get out of the treatments they get from the Bedoowan ( knights or royal families ). In this story Bobby gets his help from his friend in earth called Mark and Courtney. The Interesting stuff that I'm still curious about is that Uncle Press doesn't want him to use stuff from earth as tools. I gave this book a 5 stars, because it has a new style of reading and also it doesn't make your eyes blink when you're reading by its funny vocabulary and different characteristics

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Taiwan Typhoon Morokat

Taiwan Typhoon Morokat was 2 and a 1/2 meters high. As big as the typhoon, Taiwan had a big disaster that they wouldn't think of again. Houses were flowing with the water, and people got buried and got missing by mudslides. This disaster on here gave us a perfect lesson for Social Studies, because it tell us how typhoon made the natural disaster, like what i said before, mud slide. They say the heavy rain soaked into the rocks of the mountain and when the rocks slide down, it makes mud slide. One interesting news about Typhoon Morokat is that Indonesia never gets Typhoon, because it's very near to my equator.