Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Journal Entry #8

Hey TAS!
I just wanted to say hi to TAS.
Last, last thursday and friday, your school's IASAS team visited our school to compete other IASAS teams. It was really fun to watch. Rugby, especially. Our school was cheering, badly. Weird hairstyles, fighting over to score, was great to watch. Sorry, I explained it like it is not that fun, but you know it is really fun. Our man cheer was NAGA NAGA NAGA OI OI OI! Stuff like that. I really want to know your school's cheer. Anyway, do you have does people that wears does masks and costume? One of our high-schooler wore the dragon suit. It's really cool.
I hope you guys will tell me soon.

P.S Sorry that I had a random subject. I had nothing to write.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Journal Entry #7 Weekends

Another weekends had come, I'm really bored so like I'm on the internet. I figured that google chrome is very cool. Well, I had it long time ago, but I didn't use it, because I thought it was just a toolbar downloader or something. Well, anyway it's really cool. I'm on it right now so I could play around with my blog. Having fun changing and searching for a blog template. Oh and my dad is planning to go to mangadua ( if that's how you spell it) to check the price of Blackberry Gemini and Javelin. He's planning to buy it for me. Oh ya, I have to go to do my church homework. CYA

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Vocab definitions

1. Mildew: Something like a mole that appears on cloth when it is stayed wet in a cool place.
2. Out of the blue: Out of the subject; random
3. Hesitantly: Something that you're forced to do; stopping to think
4. Hatch: The noun, Hatch is a door on the ship (it's on the floor); the verb, Hatch means movement when the egg cracks and chick is born.
5. Orientation: Something you see that you have to know
6. Chateau: Chateau is a very big, luxury house. Where normally really rich celebrities and a very rich person lives. Some kind of a castle.
7. Thunderous: Doing something very seriously, rudely.
8. Contradiction: Disagreement.
9. Faults: Mistake or a failure.
10. Preserve: Something to keep it usable.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Journal Entry #6

I think journal writing is important in our lives. Our lives will always be a history no matter what. So writing a journal is like recording your life history. It's very cool. I guess writing in a book to publish or in a blog is just great. Future people will see your history, knowing what happened and how it feels like to be in the past. This is my 6th journal entry, which I'm going to write about why journals are important. I'm going to tell you the good things and the bad things about private journal writing and in public. If you're writing a journal is private, a.k.a secret diary, you have a friend that you could rely on. It is a thing, but it could keep your secret forever. Keeping a secret by yourself is a harsh thing to do. You want to tell someone, but you can't, it could hurt your feelings. Sometimes, if you tell someone one of your deepest secret, they might tell everyone. Humans can't resist telling stuff, but if you tell a thing, if could not do anything wrong to you. Could not tell, because it has no mouth like us.

Public journal has many good stuff to learn from. Public journals gives other people lessons from their experience and what I told you before it could show future people about the history you took.