Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Hunger Games by: Suzanne Collins

I'm sorry for not posting for a while. I just finished a book called Hunger Games. Hunger Games is just so good. It is about a girl name Katniss Everdeen, who is in the lowest district, District 12. Her world is full of poverty and at the same time wealth. Hunger Games, noone in her district would want to get chosen. Hunger Games is a TV show, which 2 people in every district have to play. The capitol, the government people gets to bet on 1 person, which they think will win. Katniss Everdeen got into the hunger games for variety of reasons, which she still regrets. Peeta, her district stranger is also chosen for the game. The baker's son. He is the one who gave hope to her by giving her the burnt bread when she was in poverty. But she has to kill him to survive and win this Hunger Games.

The next book is Catching Fire. Which I am going to read.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Summer #2

Guess what? I'm in this fitness called 'Celebrity'. Like others, I'm not going to make a good and strong body, but I'm going there to improve my flexibility. I know, you may think why I am improving my flexibility in fitneses. There is a lot of classes with trainers. Many of them is Yoga. There is a lot of kind of yoga. I think there was Haite Yoga, Jazz Yoga and etc. Now, sometimes I could do handstand with holding. That's like amazing for me. When I'm body aches too much from stretching and massaging organs with difficult moves, I take this class called Body Pump. You hold up like kg weight and follow the trainer and do stuff like tutu, pushup, bending. I normally hold up 4kg, because it is really difficult, you have to hold weight that is not too heavy for you. The trainer says, you might hurt your back from holding weight too heavy for you. I can't even lie down now. My leg hurts so much...

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Summer #1

People say summer is there to make you fun, but I think mine is making me feel worse. All I do is MATH MATH MATH! My parents gave me a lot of pressure about math and science after looking at my report card. It's not really my fault, I got that score. Ok, I admit it. It's my fault, but I didn't mean it to happen. I tried my best to get a good score. Sometimes, when I have free time, I go on facebook or sometimes play my favorite games. Still, my summer is too boring. You know like movies, I want to play with my neighbours and do fun stuff together, but I'm new to this place and i don't know anyone. That makes summer worse for me. All my friends are out of town, so I have noone to talk to, noone to sms with. Summer sucks for me!!!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Last day of 6th grade

Today was the last day of 6th grade. Also, the last day to see Mr. Hughes and Ms. Marrello. My 6th grade in JIS will be very memorable. I will miss all my dear friends whose leaving and my favorite field trip, ESP. Today, in school, we had a very special award ceremony for students in JIS. Very excellent students in all classes went up to the stage and got their awards. Unfortunately, I didn't. It was really depressing, but after that I congratulated them with delight. We watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in Ms. Marrello's room. Then 6th grade life was over. Well not really, we still have our 6th grade friends during the summer right? I hope I'll meet new friends that are great as my old ones and have a wonderful 7th grade.

Monday, 31 May 2010

Best advertisement in class

Thomas's advertisement
Target audience: Smoker
For: To make smokers stop smoking.
How is it effective: It shows how addicrive cigarrete could be and how it changes your mind.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

What would you prefer?

I would prefer having the ability of getting answers, honestly and ask whatever I want, in any time. Rather than lying. I think lying is a really bad habit, when you get answers honestly, you get to know more about yourself. And know how to change how you act. Also, that means you could read their minds. You actually do, because you practically ask everything you want about them, and you get honest answers. It is just awesome. You get to know what your sister wants and I guess be close sisters, not like seperated. Anyway getting answers, honestly and ask whatever you want is better than LYING

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Gymnastic Competition 25/5/10

Last Saturday, I had a Gymnastic competition. This is a competition that happens the end of every season. I was so nervous, that my legs were shaking. I was in the second session with Micheal's sister, Melissa, Elise, Jade and Emma Fukar. My group first had Beam. I was so glad that we had beam, because it was my favorite. We did our routine one by one and moved on to Floor. We did various jumps and turns like handstand, cartwheel and kick with jump. After that, we ran to Vault. Vault was the easiest. Everyone did fine with Vault. We had a 10 min rest for us to drink and take a break. After that, we had bar. Bar was the hardest for me. My hands get sweaty a lot that I slip really easily. So I had to put a lot of flour, and then start. I did bar the worst from the Group. After that we had a medal ceremony. This is when you get to know your scores and how well you did. For Vault, I got second place. Beam, I got first. Floor, I got second. Bar I did third. And guess what???? I won the overall, tied with Emma Fukar. I was so happy, because Emma is really good, and won the overall last time. I was so glad that I got the same score as Emma. It was such a honour. hahaha :P. Anyway, right after that I took a drink and quickly went home with my DAD.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Jonas's journal

Today was a terrible day, not just any terribles, but this one was out there. During the twelve ceremony, the Chief called everyone's number to assign them, in order. When Chief called Fiona, I knew exactly what it was, Old taker. I didn't know what I would get, not a clue. When it was time to call my number, she just, she just SKIPPED ME.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Clio Award advertisement deconstruction

- Clio awarded this advertisement, because it affects peoples' feeling from happy to sad. Also makes childrens' think they're lucky, and make them think back about how they acted before to children with poverty.

Symbolism-Computer box, that's been thrown away
Body language- Children lying down inside the box like it's their home
Camera angle- There is to give a highlight on the kids and the box.
Special Language- None
Slighting and colour- Dark colour that makes your mood down
Beauty and social standing- None
layout and graphic- Old picture style

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Advertise- persuasive writing 2

20 year old boy

- style
- new
- girl

Want to drive through that snow with a hot new looks? Snowy is where you should look. Get loads of attention from those ladies, waiting for you. Be cool, look cool, stay cool. Snowy is the right snow board for you,

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Advertise- Persuasive writing : 20 YEAR OLD GUY

Your old snowboard just broke down? Well buy a new one in 'Snowy'. We sell snowboards which are professionaly designed for you. If you don't like it, make your design with a top grafitti designer. Get a special 60% discout and a free coupon for the 'World Wide Snowboarding' contest. Get the snowboards now in SNOWY.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Revision: The giver 20 word summary

They have strict rules, releasing. Commmunity has dinner, the time to share feelings. The world with no animals. What happened?

Monday, 10 May 2010

The giver : 20 word summary

This is the future and the past. This book has some communities and different rules. No winter, and animals.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Journal Entry #9

ESP next week! I'm so excited! 2 days before ESP is Kayleigh's birthday party and FFF, Family Fun Fair. Yeah! I'm so happy! I guess April is the most amazing month in a year. Also, we're doing this super awesome project in Health for Tobacco and Alcohol. I'm doing with 5 other people. Which I'm not going to tell you their names. We were suppose to do maximum 5 each group, but Ms. Clark was so nice that she let us do 6 people. We're going to do a story commercial to stop smoking. So now, I'm going to tell you the story line we made. Do not copy right this idea. 1. 2 girl friends are looking at the magazines in the balcony. Friend 1 smokes, friend 2 doesn't. Friend 3 comes in and talks about the latest news, smoking. Friend 3 notices that Friend 1 is not smoking. So he hands her a smoke. Friend 1 gets peer-pressured so she tries one, promising herself not to try it again, but she does it again and again. Friend 2 and 3 leaves. She throws the cigarette away. That leads to Story 2. Gangster 1 get the cigarette and starts smoking. Gangster 2 doesn't smoke. Who dies first. Gangster 2 dies and then gangster 1 dies. then DO YOU WANT YOUR SCHOOL MASKOT TO BE LIKE THIS. Maskot dies.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Psych Analysis

Psych has crime. The crime in this episode was an accidental murder of the rich son. The solver of the mystery was the police officers and 2 psych detectives. The one who murdered the son was his father. The Alibis of the father was his family relationship with his son. The Victim was the son and red herring was the bag that his daughter giving it to the uncle. There was no witnesses. The clue was the dog bite on the father's arm. The investigation was searching through the trash cans, looking at pictures in the house.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Jane's myster idea

Victim: Natasha, Sana, Hina, Mazy

Villain: Kamy

Solver: Private inspector Gon

Crime: Natasha, Sana, Hina and Mazy's stuff getting stolen.

Excuse: Kamy is a very innocent girl, straight A's and teacher's pet.

Witnesses: The Jaguar in school.

Evidence: Kamy's messege to her mother.

Clue: Kamy talks an unfact what she did on the weekends.

Monday, 12 April 2010

6 pictures of what mystery needs

Every myster needs a bad guy. This picture shows us that Jack the ripper is the murderer trying to kill the man with glasses on.

Mystery also needs Victim. This girl is getting shot by anonymous.

Solver is one the most main character in mystery. This guy is trying to find evidence.

This is the evidence from the crime scene. Hand prints will lead the solver to the crime- starter.

This is a crime.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Monk and the voodoo curse

We've been watching monk for a couple of days and I'm going to analyse this show. First, The crime was a murder of Robert Boyd. Second, the solver of the mystery is Monk, 2 police officers and Natalie.Third, the bad guy is Angeline. The victim was ofcourse Robert Boyd. There were no witnesses, but several clues like the horse shoe which was upside down in Robert's house. Excuses for Angeline was their family relationship. There was suspect which was the Voodoo doll shop keeper. Several evidence were that Angeline bought 6 voodoo dolls from the shop when 6 people received the dolls. And that Angeline was a paramedic so she knows which drug to use to look like her uncle died from a heart attack. The surprice ending was that everybody thought that the murderer was the shop-keeper, but it was the innocent fake-victim Angeline

Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Plastiki is a boat that is made from recycling plastic bottles. It is very high-technic. It has a garden for vegetables to grow. Its goal is to travel from San Francisco to Australia, Sydney. Plastiki is made from 37000 plastic bottles that has been used. 3 crew member had got the idea, designed it. The crew has 1 female and 2 males. They had this idea to tell people that plastic bottles and other trashes could be reused in a different way.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Vocab 9 (pictures)

1. specifically

2. Cajole

3. Tactics

4. Indignantly

5. Belligerent


6. Stagnant

6. Admission

9. Blatant

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Journal Entry #8

Hey TAS!
I just wanted to say hi to TAS.
Last, last thursday and friday, your school's IASAS team visited our school to compete other IASAS teams. It was really fun to watch. Rugby, especially. Our school was cheering, badly. Weird hairstyles, fighting over to score, was great to watch. Sorry, I explained it like it is not that fun, but you know it is really fun. Our man cheer was NAGA NAGA NAGA OI OI OI! Stuff like that. I really want to know your school's cheer. Anyway, do you have does people that wears does masks and costume? One of our high-schooler wore the dragon suit. It's really cool.
I hope you guys will tell me soon.

P.S Sorry that I had a random subject. I had nothing to write.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Journal Entry #7 Weekends

Another weekends had come, I'm really bored so like I'm on the internet. I figured that google chrome is very cool. Well, I had it long time ago, but I didn't use it, because I thought it was just a toolbar downloader or something. Well, anyway it's really cool. I'm on it right now so I could play around with my blog. Having fun changing and searching for a blog template. Oh and my dad is planning to go to mangadua ( if that's how you spell it) to check the price of Blackberry Gemini and Javelin. He's planning to buy it for me. Oh ya, I have to go to do my church homework. CYA

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Vocab definitions

1. Mildew: Something like a mole that appears on cloth when it is stayed wet in a cool place.
2. Out of the blue: Out of the subject; random
3. Hesitantly: Something that you're forced to do; stopping to think
4. Hatch: The noun, Hatch is a door on the ship (it's on the floor); the verb, Hatch means movement when the egg cracks and chick is born.
5. Orientation: Something you see that you have to know
6. Chateau: Chateau is a very big, luxury house. Where normally really rich celebrities and a very rich person lives. Some kind of a castle.
7. Thunderous: Doing something very seriously, rudely.
8. Contradiction: Disagreement.
9. Faults: Mistake or a failure.
10. Preserve: Something to keep it usable.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Journal Entry #6

I think journal writing is important in our lives. Our lives will always be a history no matter what. So writing a journal is like recording your life history. It's very cool. I guess writing in a book to publish or in a blog is just great. Future people will see your history, knowing what happened and how it feels like to be in the past. This is my 6th journal entry, which I'm going to write about why journals are important. I'm going to tell you the good things and the bad things about private journal writing and in public. If you're writing a journal is private, a.k.a secret diary, you have a friend that you could rely on. It is a thing, but it could keep your secret forever. Keeping a secret by yourself is a harsh thing to do. You want to tell someone, but you can't, it could hurt your feelings. Sometimes, if you tell someone one of your deepest secret, they might tell everyone. Humans can't resist telling stuff, but if you tell a thing, if could not do anything wrong to you. Could not tell, because it has no mouth like us.

Public journal has many good stuff to learn from. Public journals gives other people lessons from their experience and what I told you before it could show future people about the history you took.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

JANE walks on the road ( record)

When I was 7 years old, after my school was over, my mom came and took me to the entrance and told me we had to walk home. I was pretty shocked, because my house was not this street, but a complex, more than 30km further apart. Then she took me and walked to the Bumimas apartment, which is just a few blocks away. Bought me some Pocari Sweat and Ritz. Then she took my bag and we walked again. Car were flying all over. Beggars musics were playing in a loud sound. The smock from the vehicles were stinging my nose. I covered my nose, started to eat the Ritz, but my mom didn't let me. "WHY?" I asked, she told me " Save it for the long journey". Long Journey? I caught up with her and moved toward to Sate Tomang Restaurant. Went straight, entering another street called Antasari. We went passed our church, 2 aparments and one of the cafe that my sister's friend's parent owns. Finally, the tol, the tol cashiers were all staring at us, but we ignored and headed to our way. About 5km, we rested on the side to rest, drank a big bottle of Pocari Sweat, each person a sip. Went about 20km more, ate some Ritz and we were out of the road, we we're exhausting so we caught a bajaj and headed straight to the

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Why is Haiti so poor?

1. Colombus and the Europeans came to Haiti, bringing disease, death and misery.

2. Outside forces have stopped Haiti from advancing. After wining their independence with France, Haiti thought it was free, but it has never been a smooth ride for them. They had a civil war between groups of slave owners but the world never helped. The French lost their wealthiest colony at the time after the war. The French and the Americans are holding a grudge the island for their loss and will not help the country.

3. Not long after exploiting the land for sugar cane production the Spanish found larger population in Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia with richer soils and silver mines. They turned their attention to those places.

4. Columbus first set foot on the heavily forested island of Hispaniola, the mountainous nation has shed both topsoil and blood—first to the Spanish, who planted sugar, then to the French, who cut down the forests to make room for lucrative coffee, indigo, and tobacco.

5. French pirates and French traders gradually took over the western 1/3 of the island (Haiti). The French escalated the slave trade so that by 1785 there were 700,000 slaves in what would become Haiti, and only 30,000 slaves in what would become Dominican Republic. The French eventually dominated the whole island.

6. Out of Haiti’s 22 presidents from 1843 to 1915, 21 were assassinated or driven out of office. Presidents governed in order to enrich themselves and their followers. In 1957 Papa Doc Duvalier became the most notorious dictator of Haiti, terrorizing his people with secret police, torture, and killings. He or his son “Baby Doc” controlled the government until 1986.

7. With ongoing exploration and settlement the Native Indian population was decimated. Inferior weapons and ability to fight off new germs like smallpox reduced the population to 3000 natives. These original landowners had little chance other than to die out or be assimilated into the new population. The island was repopulated with African slaves who were imported to provide cheap labor to harvest sugar cane.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

10 vocabulary sentences

1. The man is a cop that chases fugitives.
2. Stop antagonizing your sister!
3. You're making splotches on my shirt by shooting paintballs at me.
4. Carcass usually happens on a village side, where there is a lot of animals.
5. There is your Christmas parcel under the tree, over there.
6. The instruction of this cellphone is really extensive.
7. That Edward shirt is so eccentric.
8. Haiti has such a pitiful scene.
9. Drawing is my realm.
10. Our basketball team is the dominant team of the international basketball tournament.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Journal Entry #4

Again, a slow computer, way behind the class. So this is the story, I brought a USB, which had my grandmother's information, everyone else had printed, so I had to go to P1 lab, get stuff printed, One computer had word 2003, so I couldn't open the file, One laptop was too slow, when I printed, and ran back to class, THE END. Everyone finished. What a day!

I got a PowerDirector 8.0 from my dad, I downloaded some interesting effects from the DirectorZone, a website especially for Cyberlink Video maker programs. Yesterday, I finished the movie for Personal History project, except the recordings. I don't know how I am going to do that. I have a recorder, but I don't thing I have a line to connect it to the computer.

Blue day again, have Health and Mandarin for electives. See you later

Monday, 18 January 2010


Old man, young ladies, children, every Haitians in Haiti got hurt during the earthquake. Land destruction also happened when the ground cracked. The high ground in the photo is dried and hard. People has no shelter, they just use the ground to sleep in and rest on. If you see the green jumper jacket man, he is fighting over the basic supplies that the UN volunteers are sharing. There were many injured and starved people, like this old man. In Haiti, there is this Influenza going on, so many people calls SOS, by writing big letter on the ground or sand.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Haiti Earthquake

People had lost their homes and now they have no where to go and no where to start a brand-new life.

People has lost their things and like this old lady in this photo, people became poor and starving.

The 7.0 earthquake was so strong that crashed the Haiti government palace. The earthquake killed people or injured thousands of Haitian.

The capital city of Haiti has trash all over the road like this photo, and people are scouring the area to find food or things that are eatable or usable.

Things are getting worse in Haiti. Even though, there is no disaster, Haiti was still poor and hopeless, but with this earthquake disaster, America and other places around the world started to get interest on Haiti and started to help and rescue survivers.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Journal Entry #3

Finally, Journal day. The December break was quite exhausting. Everyday, I went somewhere or had to do something. The Things that were really special were the camp and the trip to Bandung. The camp was actually for Christians. The camp is called Youth Kosta. For young-adults. Learned about having your own vision and how to solve a problem that most young-adults have. It was 3 days camp and to tell you personally it was fun, but exasuting. After that, we watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2, then the next day, we watched Avatar 3D, on the following day we watched Sherlock Holmes. The favorite movie I watched this break was Sherlock Holmes. It's about a inspector/ detective called Sherlock Holmes trying to solve a case about Blackwood's black magic. The favorite part that I had enjoyed was when Sherlock Holmes practiced the hanging and figured out how Blackwood survived in the execution. Well Sherlock Holmes used thousands of belts covering his chest and his belly/ stomach. Blackwood was a genius professor that made people believe that his little trick was his black magic. If you want to know about the Bandung trip, please look on the last post.

Monday, 11 January 2010

For the Taipei American School ( What I did on vacation)


From the cold land, Korea (-25) grandma and uncle's family arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia. They were wearing a really big coat or a fat- looking jumper. Our family welcomed them and lead them to our house with a car. They wondered around first when they arrived, but then followed us through the elevator to my house. The visitors put down their stuff and talked about how they lived, what is happening in Korea and Indonesia, but we all couldn't talk much, sleepiness came and everyone slept at each other's places. That's how the first day ended.

As 2 weeks has past, our dad decided to go to somewhere that has fresh air and cold breeze and our family recommended Bandung, I was the only one that said Puncak. Well, if you didn't know Bandung and Puncak both has mountains or are mountains, nearly the same, except the spa and resort in Bandung, and that's why I had to go to Bandung. We packed our stuff and were ready to go the following day.

All 8 of us went down to the lobby. Dad drove the car and we tried to fit in the c-rv car, but we couldn't. Imagine, 5 people in the back seat, supposed to be for 3 people, 1 in the trunk, where you put things, 1 on the driver seat and 1 on the front seat. Unfortunately my car was big, but didn't have a middle seat, instead the trunk was bigger than it was supposed to be. My grandma had to sit on a CD box, My sister and I had to sit on our mom and auntie's lap. We all had to go on with this position for 4 hours. Then rest and again go on for 1 hour and a half with the same position. Our body ached, especially the women who were in the back seat, including me!

When we arrived in the Bandung spa resort, when we dropped down of the car, people started staring at us, like saying 'huh? haha'. It was not funny, I was expecting someone to cheer me up especially in this mood, but the workers stared at me and the others too, thought like it was some kind of joke except it is live. Our resort was 2 resort in 1. It was a family place or called as family suite. We unpacked our stuff and quickly went to bathroom before the others had gone before. I was the first one. After the racing, we had some rest on our beds.

After some sleeps, we changed into our swimming gear and then headed to the spa with our towel covering us. The spa was steaming, but I had to go in. My dad pushed me in. The spa was big, A swimming pool in another word, except that the water is hot and they put something in so tastes salty. "Burning the bad skins are good, but too long is bad." That's what I told mom for an excuse to go back home early. She gave me the key and told me I could go back with grandma. So I headed back and unlocked the door. Straight away, we showered and waited for the others. When everybody were ready, we played Korean traditional game called 윷놀이. Fun, but exhausting. So all of us went to bed and had a deep rest.

The next day, we went home and rest again.

-The End-