Saturday, 31 October 2009

Water Cycle

CONDENSATION INFILTRATION Warm moist air sticks This graphic shows that rain or
on the cold glass and snow from the sky drops fresh water, but
makes Condensation. trapped underwater.


Hot air from the sun pulls This graphic shows different kinds of
the moist from plants or Precipitation
water which this cycle is called
in another word is Evaporation.

Monday, 26 October 2009

New Guitar Song

"Jane! Julia! Come out of your room and sit in the couch with me”, Dad shouted from the living room. My sister and I came out and stared at our dad.
“What is the problem dad? I was doing my homework. There’s a pile of it, you know!” my sister told my dad and me, with her eyes rolling. Our dad gave us a big breathe and told us to have a simple break with music.
This time I shouted, “That again! I told you, music and your guitar is no fun.”
He gave us another big breathe and started his story.
“Do you know how I got to marry your mom, the most attractive lady I have ever seen?” We shook our heads.
“Your mother and I met in a meeting, we have together, representing different office blocks. We became very close to each other in a short amount of time. When we were old enough to marry, I called your mom to come to the river, near her office building. When she came, where I was, I played my favorite song, Romance, with my guitar. When the song finished I asked your mom to marry me. And she said yes! The song begins like this!”
Then he played the song so wonderfully. It made me want to start learning guitar.
“Dad! Dad! I want to learn” , I begged my dad.
He looked at me for a long time and nodded. After most of the lesson finished, I practiced and practiced again. Soon, I called my family. I took out the guitar and got my hands ready. Sweat went through me. All eyes were on me. I took one big breathe and started playing. When I finished, there were silence for a long time.
“Bravo!” , My family shouted with a lot of applause.

The Burning Interview

Kayleigh and Elise helped my video. Elise got the part of Julia Fear, who died by her sister, Hannah Fear's kill. Kayleigh has the part of the camera girl.

Friday, 23 October 2009

In Kayleigh's house

In the video:

Kayleigh Baker ;Mrs Baker; Jane Lee; Samantha Baker; Chloe ( Kayleigh's dog)

The main ones Kayleigh's family

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Definitions of the new words

Rowdies- People, whose does intolerable stuff, but not nefarious.
Resurrected- Brought back to live; fixed or repaired
Pledge- It's a promise, but stronger and bigger.
Brazier- A metal pan for holding burning coals or charcoal.
Putrefy- Rotten; have a fetid smell
Spontaneous- Taking action without planning or thinking.
Discreetly- Action without making a big deal about it.
Martyred- Sacrifice for religion
Preposterous- Out of boundries; Totally out there
Scouring- Searching; Finding every detail or bit.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

New Word Sentences

  1. The fetid smell of my dad's fart had stung my nose.
  2. My homework got corrugated, because it got stamped by everyone, who passed by my bag.
  3. I saw a picture of a young tourist trapped in a desolated forest.
  4. The biologist opened the vial and put a flu bacteria.
  5. The fruit squash, that I got it from the mall was frothing.
  6. Dr. Mad is a nefarious mad scientist.
  7. My mom and I brought some frivolous stuff from our vacation holidays.
  8. This girl is very conceited.
  9. Playing with other person's stuff without asking is intolerable.
  10. My sister and I were gagging when we were told that we ate a rabbit's poo.