Friday, 4 June 2010

Last day of 6th grade

Today was the last day of 6th grade. Also, the last day to see Mr. Hughes and Ms. Marrello. My 6th grade in JIS will be very memorable. I will miss all my dear friends whose leaving and my favorite field trip, ESP. Today, in school, we had a very special award ceremony for students in JIS. Very excellent students in all classes went up to the stage and got their awards. Unfortunately, I didn't. It was really depressing, but after that I congratulated them with delight. We watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in Ms. Marrello's room. Then 6th grade life was over. Well not really, we still have our 6th grade friends during the summer right? I hope I'll meet new friends that are great as my old ones and have a wonderful 7th grade.

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Michael's Blog said...

Yes, Jane, year 6 is over, but year 7 will be even better for you. The writing you've done has improved throughout the year, and the continued practice this break will keep you on this track.

I look forward to following your posts. I've changed the way the blogs are organized. I've ordered them by "most recent posts", so just stay at the top of the list and you'll be interacting with those who are writing.