Thursday, 24 June 2010

Summer #2

Guess what? I'm in this fitness called 'Celebrity'. Like others, I'm not going to make a good and strong body, but I'm going there to improve my flexibility. I know, you may think why I am improving my flexibility in fitneses. There is a lot of classes with trainers. Many of them is Yoga. There is a lot of kind of yoga. I think there was Haite Yoga, Jazz Yoga and etc. Now, sometimes I could do handstand with holding. That's like amazing for me. When I'm body aches too much from stretching and massaging organs with difficult moves, I take this class called Body Pump. You hold up like kg weight and follow the trainer and do stuff like tutu, pushup, bending. I normally hold up 4kg, because it is really difficult, you have to hold weight that is not too heavy for you. The trainer says, you might hurt your back from holding weight too heavy for you. I can't even lie down now. My leg hurts so much...

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Michael's Blog said...

Celebrity is giving you a beating... :-)

I can understand the need for flexibility. Honestly, that would be my biggest need as well.

Don't carry too much weight.

Keep posting, Jane.