Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Summer #1

People say summer is there to make you fun, but I think mine is making me feel worse. All I do is MATH MATH MATH! My parents gave me a lot of pressure about math and science after looking at my report card. It's not really my fault, I got that score. Ok, I admit it. It's my fault, but I didn't mean it to happen. I tried my best to get a good score. Sometimes, when I have free time, I go on facebook or sometimes play my favorite games. Still, my summer is too boring. You know like movies, I want to play with my neighbours and do fun stuff together, but I'm new to this place and i don't know anyone. That makes summer worse for me. All my friends are out of town, so I have noone to talk to, noone to sms with. Summer sucks for me!!!

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Michael's Blog said...

Jane, I'm so sorry your summer is not going well. At least there is still quite a few days left, and maybe things will get better. It usually does when you are around friends.

You do say you are in a new place though. Where is that? Are you in Korea?

Yes, the Seattle area is the location of most of the first Twilight series book, at least until the two of them ran away from the new vampire. Eclipse, the movie, is due out soon, and I'm seeing lots of advertisements for it. It looks really, really good.

Be well, and thanks for commenting on my blog. Now I'm in a place where I can write more often, so that is a good thing for me.